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Please refrain from using the VisualEditor on the character pages, as it is currently causing problems with the categories. Use only the Classic Editor, which can be accessed by clicking the arrow next to the edit button, then clicking "Classic editor. Lisa is a female customer who made her first appearance in Papa's Burgeria. Lisa is an aerobics instructor from Burgerburgh, where she teaches weekly courses at the local Fit Frenzy Gym.

She is an avid runner, and trains all year for the world-renowned Burgerburgh Marathon.

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Lisa has made quite a name for herself by coming in 1st place three times in the last five years. At each race, she is cheered on from the sidelines by her proud father, Franco. Lisa has curly, brown highlighted hair. She wears a black cropped running tank with purple trims. There is a white sticker displaying the number "" with a purple line above and below it attached to the bottom-right side of her shirt.

She wears white and purple sweatbands around her wrists, and dark purple sweatpants with white side stripes. She wears white and black shoes with purple laces. Her shoes were white in the front and purple in the back, with black laces. She wears a black undershirt with white trim, a white team jacket with purple striped sleeves, and a purple skirt with white bottoms. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ].

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Lisa's Taco Mia To Go! Lisa's Hot Doggeria To Go! Lisa' Pancakeria To Go! Lisa's Bakeria To Go! Lisa is very happy with her perfect sandwich during Starlight BBQ! Lisa can be seen in a photo frame with her father Franco in his Flipdeck.

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I'm telling Papa Franco about this place, it's so good! Kayla and Lisa are not happy with the failtasticish donuts. Lisa waiting with her father in Papa's Cupcakeria. Categories :.Ninjoy is a female character who made her first appearance in Papa's Freezeria.

Her secret identity was formally confirmed to be Joy in Papa's Sushiria. Ninjoy is a mysterious masked girl who is a master of stealth and purveyor of sweet ninja skills. Local news claims she is a delinquent outlaw who would steal candy from a baby. However, more and more people are coming forward with accounts of Ninjoy's heroism and good deeds.

Bad or good, one thing is certain: Ninjoy never misses a meal. Her hair got redesigned as well as her clothing, with blue patterns added to it. She has black ponytail bands. Since Papa's Sushiriaher skin color has gotten lighter to fit into the skin color of her secret identity. During Halloween, Ninjoy is disguised as an Oni. She wears a black helmet with gold stripes and horns, a red mask with black eye holes and long white teeth, a black bodysuit with golden stripes under a red jacket with golden stripes, a red belt with golden stripes, black gloves, red cuffs with golden lining, and black shoes with black soles and red laces.

She wears a turquoise bodysuit under a black corset with magenta trims, black gloves with magenta trims, a magenta mask, and magenta shoes with black soles, black laces, and turquoise trims. She wears an army green bodysuit under a purple corset with gold linings and army green arrows pointing up, purple gloves with gold linings, an army green mask, a golden crown with olive green gems and grass, purple ponytail bands, a white, wool cape, a golden necklace, and black moccasins with green stitches, purple laces, and golden soles.

She wears her Style A, but with a dark red bodysuit, mask, hairbands, shoes, jacket lining, and glove lining. She also wears black laces. Earn all three stickers starting from Papa's Donuteria To Go!

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Ninjoy's Donuteria order during Sky Ninja Returns. Ninjoy's Hot Doggeria To Go! Ninjoy's Pancakeria To Go!

Ninjoy's Donuteria To Go!

Big Papa Studio - Маленькие Кукутики против Больших - Кто Круче - Смешные моменты

Ninjoy is sad because her wings are uncooked But it's delicious! Ninjoy, Gregand Roy waiting for their hot dogs. Captain Cori and Ninjoyfeaturing an Ambrosia Split. Ninjoy dining with Elle. During Halloween Ninjoy with her mask off from Speedo's Danganflipa series.

JK wrote:Please don't necropost, it just leaves unnecessary notifications for us. If you don't want to recieve notifications f I know, I'm just telling him not to respond to 6 month old messages.

Categories :. Wall Jump.Please refrain from using the VisualEditor on the character pages, as it is currently causing problems with the categories. Use only the Classic Editor, which can be accessed by clicking the arrow next to the edit button, then clicking "Classic editor. Iggy is a male customer who made his first appearance in Papa's Donuteria. He is obsessed with space exploration and just about anything related to science-fiction. After school, he usually heads over to Gigaloaf Labs to hang out with his buddy, Grampa Fitz.

Iggy spends so much time there that his grandfather built Iggy his own mini-lab to keep him busy. He wears a forest green long-sleeved shirt with a black planet and a bright green ring printed on it. His shirt has purple collar and folded sleeve edges, and bright green bottom rings. He wears a purple glasses with a green target printed on the right lens, a skin-matching pair of alien-like "ears", and purple pants. He also wears bright green belt with a black stripe going through it, and black shoes with vivid green laces.

His backpack now has vivid green accent. During HalloweenIggy is disguised as an alien. He wears a brown-beige bodysuit with a black tube and backpack connected by more black tubes, a breathing glass helmet, purple skin, a brown mouth with yellow lips, and eyes hanging above his head. Holiday Sugarplex Film Fest. Holiday Lucky Lucky Matsuri. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ].

Iggy's Hot Doggeria To Go! Iggy's Bakeria To Go! Iggy and Papa Louie are confused about their donuts. Iggy and Gremmie share perfect donuts during Big Top Carnival.

Iggy dining with his Grampa Fitz in the Taco Mia. Categories :.Please refrain from using the VisualEditor on the character pages, as it is currently causing problems with the categories.

papa studio

Use only the Classic Editor, which can be accessed by clicking the arrow next to the edit button, then clicking "Classic editor. This article is about the lumberjack. If you are looking for a hidden character that can be quickly found when you flip through the customer files in both Papa's Pizzeria and Papa's Burgeriaclick here. Johnny is a male customer who made his first appearance as a Closer in Papa's Pancakeria. Johnny is a bacon-loving lumberjack from Maple Mountain.

His primary job is the chopping of pine trees for the many log cabins in the area. However, during the holidays, he sells the finest Christmas trees in the parking lot of Papa's Pancakeria. Johnny has thick eyebrows that point downward, shaved beard, short stubby dark brown hair, and a bulky build.

He wears a red knit hat, a yellow flannel shirt, red suspendes held by gray buckles, black pants held by a brown belt, and brown shoes with yellow laces and gray-black soles. His hair, clothing, and skin all got remodeled. His eyes now have an oval shape and his eyebrows slightly pointed upwards. During HalloweenJohnny is disguised as a werewolf. He has a brown furry coat, fake fangs, a pair of wolf ears clipped into his hat, and black tinted shoes with brown laces.

He wears a green knit hat with a white ball, a white plain shirt under a red sweater vest with green pine trees and white buttons, green plain pants, white elf shoes with red details, brown soles, and a yellow bell on each shoe. Holiday Sugarplex Film Fest. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Johnny's Cupcakeria To Go! Johnny's Taco Mia To Go! Johnny's Pancakeria HD orders throughout the holidays. Johnny's Hot Doggeria To Go!

Johnny's Pancakeria To Go! Johnny's Wingeria To Go!

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Johnny's Donuteria To Go! Johnny gets Perfect Score and Gold Medal on his cupcakes! Johnny is near Skyler, who is playing Cactus McCoy.Today is a pretty darn, amazing, fantastical, uber-awesome-astical-game-changing day for Web developers. Microsoft, known for its great tooling, has entered the tooling story for cross platform developers with Visual Studio Code.

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You can also follow Visual Studio Code on Twitter at code. Visual Studio Code VSCode is a lightweight, super fast, cross platform development tool for building Web applications. It works well with both Node and ASP. NET v5. I consider it more along the lines of an editor than an IDEpersonally. But it really does fit somewhere in between, grabbing the best of both worlds.

I like VSCode because its super fast and provides some rich development features code completion, navigation, deployment, debugging, git, task running. VSCode is folder and file based. You can open a folder and work on its files.

papa studio

No project file. No solution file. Just grab the code folder and go. When there is a project context, such as with ASP. Read the docs and see the links below for more details on the prerequisites and how to install and get up and running with VSCode. You can check our presentation of Visual Studio Code out at the live stream at the Build web site or a direct link here. Ah, great question. But better questions might be why does this matter to me?

Do you need to choose 1 tool? I explored this a bit in this post here about editors and IDEs. Pretty much the entire direction makes me incredibly productive.

Are there bumps? Sure, but the engineering team behind Visual Studio Code have been amazing at course correcting they use agile iterations super fast.

papa studio

Extensions … oh those extensions.She is the default female worker at Papa's Pastaria. Utah lives a relaxing life on the shores of Calypso Island. She carves out a living on the small island by offering guided hiking excursions for the many tourists. She lives in a beach bungalow on the south side of the island with her older sister, Nevada.

She wears her Papa's Pastaria Uniform, which consists of a white tucked bottomdown shirt with a light green ring on the sleeves and light green buttons, a light green bowtie, a black gondolier hat with a light green ribbon, pigtails with light green bands, a black skirt with a light green ribbon belt and black laced shoes with white laces and brown soles. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Utah's Cupcakeria To Go! Utah's Hot Doggeria To Go! Utah's Pancakeria To Go!

Papa Studio

Utah won the Blueberry Division along with Taylor. Utah get's a perfect score in Pastaria from her sister, Nevada. Utah likes her hot dog! The pasta girl is pleased! After compete, Willow and Utah go to eat a perfect pie.

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Utah and Doan dancing in line while Franco is watching them. Utah on a promo ad for Papa's Freezeria HD. Utah and Nevada 2 messages.

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They are some of my favorite characters! Smackdown Mecca. Find it fast! Find it first! Categories :.Well they deliver fast and they are nice on the phone.

Got my order right and were here on time. I will,always order my pizza from Papa Johns while in Florida cuz they are friendlyfast and delicious!! Please look at my photo attached. Just unacceptable. Mangers were disrespectful when I complained called me out of my name.

They were late delivering the pizza and they were burned them to the core. Didn't even offer a cup of water for my troubles. I will never go back! Easy to order via their website with plenty of special offers.

Plenty of customised options on the website for your pizzas. Only ever had to wait 15 minutes for the order to arrive, fresh and hot. Make sure you tip the delivery person. This is something we tend not to do in the UK! Today, Mother's Day, all my wife wanted was "some good pizza.

We ordered two different pizzas, each with two different toppings. They were terrible! The skimpiest toppings we've ever seen! Give me a break! One piece of topping per slice!?

We couldn't even taste the toppings. The sauce was also lacking. The cheese was tasteless. They were overall dry and overcooked. We come from Philadelphia - a city where people know about great pizza.

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